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about us

Over 50 Years of Staying Lit

Welcome To LightUp, Your Trusted Source For Lighting Solutions In Sri Lanka. With A Rich Legacy Spanning Over 50 Years In The Lighting Industry, We Have Earned The Trust Of Our Customers Through A Commitment To Quality Products And Reliable Service.
At LightUp, We Are Not Just A Lighting Provider!
We Understand That Every Space Is Unique.That's Why Our Team Of Expert Interior Designers Take Pride In Offering Customized Lighting Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Needs: Homespace Or Workspace.

Sustainable And Innovative Choices


LightUp Is Committed To Providing Sustainable Choices That Not Only Illuminate Your Spaces But Also Contribute To A Greener Future. Explore Our Range Of Eco-Friendly And Energy-Efficient Lighting Options: From LED Bulbs To Smart Lighting Solutions. Our Inventory Reflects Our Commitment To Innovative, Eco-Conscious Technologies.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Join The Ranks Of Our Satisfied Customers Who Have Relied On Us For Decades.

Let’s Light-This-Place-Up!

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the one stop shop offering all type of lighting fittings

wall lamps, ceiling lamps, LED lighting, LED spot lights, LED panel lights and many other indoor / outdoor

delivered to your doorstep

we offer customized lighting solutions